Folklorama 2009! Region 7 Rally site chosen

Alrighty then!  Region 7 President Don Rogers announced today that the 2009 Region 7 Rally will be held in Winnipeg August 4 – 9th, in conjunction with the city’s Folklorama Folk Arts Festival.  We had a great time there in 2004 and this one will be even better.  We will be staying at the Travelers’ RV Resort on the city’s southeast corner, with full hookups.  It is also expected that there will be two evenings with motorcoach service to the various pavilions, as well as daytime activities to keep us busy.  Start saving your morning coffee money now, because this rally is worth every penny!  As was the case last time, a number of people chose to stay on for the second week of the festival, and this will also be available.  More details will be forthcoming in the winter months.