Just a few weeks to go!

Listening to the rain pouring down on the parched landscape, I think Spring has finally arrived.  Hope Art’s place isn’t getting the deluge we are.  The latest issue of our unit newsletter, the Prairie Rose has been sent out.   In it you will find details on the upcoming Spring Luncheon and Campout at Art’s Place May 5 – 8, with the Luncheon on Saturday May 7 at Noon at the Pizza Ranch in Casselton, ND.  Also in this issue are details for the Summer Buddy Rally at the Hawk Museum Festival in Wolford, ND June 9 – 12.  To view or download this issue, click Prairie Rose Newsletter – May-June 2016

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – if you are planning to attend the Region 7 Monument of Peace Special Events Rally or the Dedication Ceremony, you will need to clear US/Canada Customs to gain access to the International Peace Gardens, as the Park straddles the Border.  You will need ONE of the following: (1) Current Valid US Passport Booklet or Passport Card, OR;  (2)  Official Birth Certificate and two (2) forms of identification.  According to the Peace Garden website, “When you drive pass the  Canadian or USA Port of Entry and enter the International Peace Garden,  you have left either the United States or Canada.  To re-enter, Border Services Officers must record information from all identification documents you present.  Passports are not mandatory, but are the only form that can be scanned quickly and efficiently. Passports help reduce wait times and contribute to a smooth border crossing.”

BOTTOM LINE:  You have time to apply for or renew your passport, but you need to do it NOW.